How to Use Travertine Stones In Home Designs?

by Baystone Tile on September 02, 2021

Travertines are a type of stone used for many purposes today. Travertine stones used among building materials are hygienic and anti-bacterial due to their natural appearance and formation. Travertines are preferred as building materials today.

What is Travertine Stone?

Travertine stone is a type of chemical sedimentary stone. The calcium bicarbonate, which is dissolved in the travertine stone underground waters, is formed as a result of the collapse of calcium carbonate minerals in the cavities of the thermal underground waters in the cave or in the area where they emerge. Travertine stones, which are used as building materials, are a form of processing travertine blocks extracted from travertine quarries and making them usable for building materials. Today, they are the most preferred stones as a building material in indoor and outdoor spaces. Travertine stones, which have a natural formation, are healthy and hygienic. It is available in different colors and patterns according to the changes in the natural formation process.

What is the Structure of Travertine?

Travertine has more features than other stones in nature. It has a softer structure compared to marble and granite used as building materials. Due to its soft texture, it is used in many areas and offers a natural appearance in the areas where it is used. The surface of travertine stones is perforated and light. For this reason, in the cold winter months due to the accumulation of water or the effect of hot air, deterioration may occur in its natural structure. The most important feature of these stones, which have a perforated structure, is that they are non-slip. For this reason, it can be easily preferred indoors.

In Which Areas Are Travertine Stones Used?

Travertine stones, an aesthetic and healthy stone type, can be processed in different ways and used indoors and outdoors. The lime and mineral ratio it contains is higher than other stones. For this reason, it gives a healthier and more elegant appearance in the areas where they are used compared to other coating materials. Travertine stones are used in many different areas. Headboards are very often preferred for complete building cladding, living room or wall covering and French balconies. It is preferred for decorative purposes in many areas of the houses, especially because it gives a stylish appearance. In addition, travertine stones are frequently preferred in the exterior cladding of buildings, entrance entrances, TV units of the halls, garden or wall covering, shop windows and apartment entrances.

How to Clean Travertine Stones?

The main reason why travertine stones are preferred is their durability. It can be used for many years in the areas where it is applied, provided that the instructions for use are followed. In addition, it does not require a long maintenance due to its natural structure. Another reason why travertine stones are preferred is that they are easy to clean. Cleaning of stones used indoors and outdoors is very easy. It also preserves its naturalness and beautiful appearance like the first day. On the condition that heavy chemicals are avoided, it will be sufficient to wash with clean water only, and to remove the dust with a clean dust cloth indoors.